About the Company

Gorenje MDM, d. o. o.

Address: Kosovska 4, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
Phone: +384(0)2101210
Fax: +384 (0)2101202
+384 (0)2101205 - Sales


General Manager: dr. Marko Klinc
VAT Registration No.: SR108184048

Sophisticated tools for sophisticated users

Gorenje MDM d.o.o. subsidiary company of Gorenje Orodjarna d.o.o. Velenje, Slovenia, is a major toolmaking company in Serba. . Gorenje MDM operates in Kragujevac in place, at witch tools were made from 1853.Gorenje MDM’s, as well as, Gorenje Orodjarna’s core business involves the development, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of a variety of tools for sheet metal processing, injection moulding, thermoforming and Styrofoam packaging.

International: Kragujevac. Serbia. Europe. The World

The company, which is 100 % owned by Gorenje Orodjarna d.o.o. Velenje, has its roots in time-honoured tool-making traditions half a century ago. Nowadays, proprietary limited company Gorenje MDM is an indispensable link in the holistic home appliance design and development process at Gorenje; in addition, it has also established itself as a major partner of the European automotive industry as well as other branches of industry characterised by highly sophisticated technology. Gorenje MDM, which is based in Kragujevac, Serbia, is beginning to gain a firm foothold in the international markets and has built several partnerships with reputable companies from Europe, US and Canada.

Quality certifi cates: ISO 9001. ISO 14001. OHSAS 18001

Gorenje MDM d.o.o. has the organization in accordance with the requirements of standard  ISO 9001. ISO 14001. OHSAS 18001
The final date for certificates is , 2014th

Product quality is ensured at all stages of the business process: From quoting, design, technology, machining to final assembly and servicing. The management of the company is consistent with its orientation toward sustainable development and compliance with stringent environmental standards.