At Gorenje Orodjarna, we work with the customer from the fi rst design and development steps and computer simulations to fi nal design. A partnership approach makes it possible for the idea to be implemented in the shortest possible time. Model based development methodology is used. The methodology of fabrication of the semi-product is designed to meet both engineering requirements and customer wishes.

Cutting edge 3D CAD and fi nite element method (FEM) software applications, such as PAM-STAMP 2G and Moldfl ow, signifi cantly speed up the development process. FEM numerical analyses ensure early identifi cation of key engineering or technological solutions. Computer simulations of what is happening inside the tool enable timely adjustments from the very beginning of the design process.
3D computer aided tool design using sophisticated CAD software packages enables the scanning of even the most complex tools at all stages of development.

Ingenious technology for the fabrication of tool parts, where all processes are computer controlled and characterised by a high level of precision and data accuracy, facilitates speedy and precise tool making. Barcode scanners enable immediate control of the workmanship at all times. CNC software developed using 3D models, twodimensional tool part drawings and state-of-theart software further enhance the quality of the end result.