Milling Machine, FP2

 Type  Milling Machine
 Model  FP2
 Manufacturer  DECKEL
 Year of Manufacture  1978

Specifications - Milling Machine

Working area (mm) 300 x 150 x 400
Motor power (kW) 2 - 3
Spindle speed (min-1) 25 - 2500
Feed rate (mm/min) 5 - 500
Table load capacity (kg) 150
Controller /

Other Characteristics

Accuracy: 0.01 mm, read-out: digital, milling within H7 tolerance, drilling, reaming and coordinate turning of boreholes up to 30 mm in diameter and 50 mm in depth, clamping in vice up to 150 mm, head inclination in one axis up to 50 degrees in left and right direction. Equipped with dividing head and rotary table.