Profile Grinding Machine, JF 520

 Type  Profile Grinding Machine
 Model  JF 520
 Manufacturer  JUNG
 Year of Manufacture  1979

Specifications - Grinding Machine

Working area (mm) 550 x 200 x 250
Motor power (kW) 5
Spindle speed (min-1) 4200
Max. diameter and width of grinding wheel (mm) diameter 250 x 30
Table load capacity (kg) 50
Controller /

Other Characteristics

Accuracy: 0.01 mm, read-out: digital, grinding of various forms, radii, etc., equipment includes grinding wheel profiling device acc. to template. The scale of the template shall be 10:1, equipment includes also a dividing head for direct partition for grinding between tips (dividing head enables clamping up to 12 mm in diameter), vice, sine-table for free angles grinding, diamond grinding wheel for flat surfaces machining, template shall be cut by wire erosion of Al sheet-metal, 2-2.5 mm thick.