Profile Grinding Machine, PFS 30

 Type  Profile Grinding Machine
 Model  PFS 30
 Manufacturer  PeTeWe
 Year of Manufacture  1987

Specifications - Grinding Machine

Working area (mm) height x length x depth 80 x 110 x 55
Motor power (kW) 0.5
Spindle speed (min-1) 5000
Feed rate (stroke/min) 150
Table load capacity (kg) 20
Controller BOSCH

Other Characteristics

Accuracy: 0.005 mm, read-out: CNC, grinding acc. to template 1:10 , 1:20 or 1:50, rough grinding, workpiece materials: hard metal, Ferrotic, tool steel; equipment includes two units for radius profiling on grinding wheels, clamping unit for round workpieces between tips, i.e.: diameter up to 150 mm and length from 70 to 115 mm.