Sheet metal

Progressive and transfer tools and dies

Gorenje Orodjarna has many years experience in the manufacture of sheet metal processing tools for the purposes of the household appliance industry and the automotive industry. The majority of orders involve tools for the manufacture of all types of components integrated into home appliances and cars. Subject to the stipulated requirements and manufacturing technology used by the customer, we make individual tools for manual transfer or transfer line tools, as well as progressive tools.

Progressive tools manufactured by Gorenje Orodjarna are particularly important in the automotive industry. Such tools, measuring up to 4,000 x 1,500 mm, are designed from product drawings or 3D models furnished by the customer. This provides the basis for the methodology of fabrication, which may already include computer simulation of individual tool operations. A press is used to test fi nished tools, which includes small series production of designated products. This approach to design and testing ensures superior tool quality and enables immediate deployment in mass production.

Transfer tools for the automotive industry measuring up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm are designed for the fabrication of pressed products of all types. The technology of fabrication is designed to match customer specifi cations and includes the fabrication of associated transfer equipment. Where large series and highly sophisticated pressed products are involved, the parts of tools subjected to the greatest wear and tear are protected by various types of heavy-duty coatings.