1853 Upon foundation of the first Serbian production plant "Topolivnica" production of tools started.
1871 Foundation of the Military - Industrial complex (MIC).
1889 At the exhibition in Paris, 6 medals were won (designer-engineer Toša Selesković).
1942 Factory for production the tools was completely destroyed (rebuilt in 1946).
1947 Under the name "Alatnica", it does its business within huge system "CRVENA ZASTAVA".
1952 Factory was moved to the present location.
1978 Tools factory enlarged its business activity space to 20.000m2.
1999 During NATO bombing, 7.000m2 and about 90 machines were destroyed.
2001 After its separation from "ZASTAVA" Group, factory does its business independently, under the name "ZASTAVA alati" d.o.o.
2002 46.International Engineering Fair held in Belgrade - gold medal for the press tools quality.

After the process of privatization was successfully completed, the major owner becomes Slovenian company UNIOR d.d.and the factory adopted present name of the company – UNIOR Components d. o. o. or UNIOR Components a. d.


Unior Components a. d. distinguishes production of press tools and  together with WEBA Maribor d. o. o. (member of Greiner GROUP) establishes its own independent company that started its business under the name WEBA Kragujevac d. o. o.

2009 Unior d. d.  Zreče of WEBA Maribor acquires 74% stake in the company WEBA Kragujevac d. o. o. and company changes business name to UNIOR formingtools d. o. o., Kragujevac.